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Both the Axis and the Allies printed aerial propaganda leaflets using sexual themes in an attempt to demoralize enemy soldiers at the front. Did the finders become emotionally crippled and unable to carry on their duties and responsibilities? The "pin-up" pictures became collectors items sought after by the troops who greedily collected and swapped them. There is no doubt that they were the most heartily appreciated propaganda leaflets used in World War 2.We can probably state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war.



The 29ers chuckled and hoped the Germans would send more over the lines.Would it surprise you to know that all the major combatants involved in World War II used pornography as part of their psychological operations (PSYOP) strategy? In areas of military operations, they are removed from the stimuli of secondary sex references, which are (in America) an accepted part of everyone’s daily life: bathing beauty photos, magazine covers, semi-nudes in advertising, etc.Our enemies tried to use the resulting pin-up craze for propaganda purposes, hoping that a vain arousal of oestrum would diminish morale.Could it be that our enemies believed that the sexual leaflets would take the "fight" out of the American soldier?

I once interviewed the top British forger of the war.In 2015, I was contacted by Zagreb Pride, an NGO based in Croatia that wanted to publish Sexuality in Europe in Croatian. To the average person, the connotations of the word "Pornography" have always brought forth a mental picture of a depraved person leering at filthy pictures.


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