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If you judge others so harshly, you must be equally harsh on yourselves, unless you're a bunch of hypocrites in which case maybe you should shut your mouths. What made it different was that it was a true orgy and sex atmosphere, not just dudes partnering up in corners and ignoring everyone else.Hot Milk Party - At the aforementioned space in Grammercy on 29th/Lex.May be some guys will read my review and will consider high risk attending this kind of places. The place doesn't have any security or the fire alarms. His job to take your money and to provide you only with one cheap condom. The old good Gay parties on 8th Avenue in Chelsea gone along time.What's left: Omega club, some parties in a private apartments and other shit in a great New City.Although they could be hit or miss, the wildest sex I ever had was in that room. Plus the cute beefy young guy who ran security in the fake cop shirt had a thing for me (hell, I was young and hot once, too) and we hooked up occasionally at those parties and he even came to my apt twice. I also used to go to the club on Houston and Avenue A. Sometimes it was a turn on, and sometimes I felt diseases were seeping into me just through the air. I've been to the one on Lex and 29th in the big loft space. 2 Most of the gays are coming from Queens Jackson Heights area and many of them HIV infected.I've gone three times, and I just don't like the vibe. Latinos like to get fuck without a condom and is not even safe to suck uncut Latino or Chines.There was one twink which everybody played with and one very fit black dude that left because he was disgusted with the Bears there or there wasn't enough hot guys.


I used to love the one on 28th Street at the GVN network or whatever it was called. Before you are going to Omega's party in Queens you should think twice.1 at Omega parties security does not exists at all.

Most guys just walking around and looking very hard to get fucked. Many uncut Latinos going crazy to get fuck, but no one is fucking. Most guys coming to Omega club in Queens are looking just get fucked. What you will see around hungry uncut Latino's going crazy to get fuck, a few Chines and some lonely elder men arrived by mistake to this party.



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