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Classroom assistant, in a preschool setting, attending to the educational, social and personal needs of approximately 8-10 students.Child duties to include 1:1 attention given to children with special needs, helping them attend to activities, interact safely and appropriately with other children, attend to their personal hygiene needs, and ensure safety at all times. I'm currently am employed for a wonderful family but they will no longer need me starting in September!We are a local family from Snohomish, and I have lived there all my life!I enjoy the outdoors and having a great time with family and friends!

I have a clean driving record, with great insurance and a Acura MDX sports utility for safe travels. Nanny C :)While in high school, I was involved in many child-centered activities such as tennis camp, Bible camp, tutoring, as well as babysitting for friends and family.

* Proven successful, in communicating, and achieving lesson planes and individual education planes ( IEP's).

* Highly reliable with proven ability to set and meet goals.

I think I would be an excellent Nanny for your needs!

As you can see on my resume, I have a lot of experience with small children.

* Exercised supervisory responsibility, and one on one tasks, with children of special needs, and physical disabilities.


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