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After all the country is one of the largest consumers of the spirit in the world.

So they really do know a thing or two about how to make it.

And like the scenery from whence it hails, this vodka is fresh, clean and crisp.

Made from white winter wheat, and six times distilled for a smooth flavour, it’s been filtered through silver birch charcoal.

With Vodka Day upon us, it would be wrong not to raise a glass in honour of the versatile spirit.

Though the origin of vodka remains a disputed honour between the Poland and Russia, there’s perhaps no country more closely associated with vodka than Russia.

And so it is to Russia we go to discover the best vodkas to hail from its vast forests, mountainous regions and grand cities.

With water a key factor in the finished vodka, and many brands using waters from local springs, location is important.

To sip, it’s expansive, coating the whole of the mouth, and with a hot, dry finish.With winter wheat being used as a distillate in many Russian vodkas, many in our list will offer a slight sweetness.


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