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From the heart of the city it is about a one hour journey on public transit and makes a fun picnic day away from the historic ruins and a chance to catch some eye-candy as the local gays and lesbians enjoy their piece of paradise on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There is a stretch of nude beach which is mostly populated by the gay community.

Log on to one of the many gay dating apps available for a smartphone and you’ll see an ocean of torsos, biceps, and sometimes other body parts (i.e. It’s no surprise that these apps have developed a reputation for being pretty much just for sex.

This Valentine’s Day, one of these apps is looking to change that.

However during the Summer heat, Italians and tourists like to hook up at these popular outdoor gay cruising spots. Guys will park their cars across the street while they cruise.

PIAZZALE DEL GALOPPATOIO Located near the top of via Veneto (right near the American Embassy). MONTE CAPRINO Not the easiest place to find, Walking from Piazza Venezia past the Roman Capital Building, take your first right up the winding road overlooking the Forum. We have been told that the gates close now in the evenings, however one remains open.

Know the laws in your area, be aware and sensitive to the local community & NEVER expose minors or anyone who is not consenting to sexually explicit conduct.

“We did a survey of our members late last year and found that two thirds of them used SCRUFF for dates or for chat” SCRUFF CEO and Co-founder Eric Silverberg, said over the phone.

“What makes SCRUFF Match in particular different is we are essentially creating a space for gay guys who are specifically interested in dates and relationships and we're saying this is a space for you.”This space that Silverberg and SCRUFF’s team are creating is certainly unique among gay dating apps.

For although apps and services do provide the option of filtering out men who are looking for a relationship, they hardly feel as specific as what SCRUFF intends SCRUFF Match to be.

Our community is still struggling with how to communicate about HIV and how to treat those who are HIV positive.

This is especially evident in the way we are accustomed to asking guys to disclose HIV status online, which has remained largely unchanged since the advent of profile-based websites over 20 years ago.

“I think SCRUFF Match, by creating a space for guys specifically who are looking for dates or relationships is going to provide a different enough experience that hopefully will be able to reach a lot of those people who maybe weren't as attracted to or didn't find the kind of community they were looking for on apps as they have existed to this day.”Matt Lee is a Web producer for Metro New York. Talk to him (or yell at him) on twitter so he doesn’t feel [email protected]


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    There are no fees associated with membership because the organization is self-supporting, relying solely on voluntary member contributions.

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    The beach is the primary attraction offering tourists to enjoy the sea from early morning to late afternoon.

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    You can get a free webcam chat host at just about any free chat site.

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