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One of the UK’s top ranking universities has come under fire for removing Muslim prayer spaces.Muslim students at the University of East Anglia were told on the eve of Ramadan that their Friday prayer space was to be taken away due to a “lack of space” during exam season.


Union spokesperson for welfare, community and diversity, Jo Swo, said the situation had caused “a tremendous amount of anxiety and inconvenience for Muslim students as it has made them feel observed and treated like an inconvenience to the University”.The Antarctic Ice Sheet is usually divided into three ice sheets: The Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.The East Antarctic Ice Sheet makes up the majority of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and has a global sea level equivalent of 53 m Because the bulk of the ice sheet rests on bedrock high above current sea level, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is more stable than its neighbours.Prayer facilities for Muslim students would “continue to be provided”, they added.


In a statement, the university said: "As part of a £2m investment in new library study spaces and the complete refurbishment of the University’s main lecture theatres the use of a prayer facility near Lecture Theatre 2 will be temporarily unavailable for safety reasons during the building works.“They have done this without consulting or telling any Muslim Students or the Student Union. Solidarity from @Warwick SU #saveourspace pic.twitter.com/v6KXs1p1q7 — Chloe Wynne 💥 (@chloewynne) May 19, 2017Over the past few years, Muslim students at the university have used a lecture theatre for prayer and worship.



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