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Each member’s definition of a higher power may take any form, as long as it is comfortable and meaningful to them.The first time you attend a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, you are usually given an opportunity to introduce yourself and share your experiences.While sharing the details of your addiction is not mandatory for newcomers, it is encouraged.

They may also be friends or family members of someone who they suspect has a sex addiction.Meetings that are for men or women only are ideal for members who only feel safe attending single-gender meetings.Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings may be closed or open: closed meetings are only open to those with addictive sexual behavior, while open meetings are open to anyone seeking information about Sex Addicts Anonymous.Studies have found that as many as 50% of people with sex addiction are also addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Many people who suffer from sex addiction also experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What makes Sex Addicts Anonymous different than substance abuse programs (or programs dealing with other addictions such as gambling or internet) is the extremely personal nature of the behaviors associated with this addiction.


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