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If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with the two-nuclide diagram commonly used to represent paired Be-10 and Al-26 data: This example is from a review article by Darryl Granger from 2006 (in GSA Special Paper 415) that gives a good description of what the diagram is and how it is supposed to work.

Basically, the diagram shows Be-10 concentration on the x-axis and the Al-26/Be-10 ratio on the y-axis, although commonly both quantities are shown in normalized units computed by dividing observed concentrations by the respective production rates at the sample site – this normalization allows plotting data from different sites, with different production rates, on the same axis.

On the other hand, here is a Ne-21/Be-10 diagram from a very cool paper by Florian Kober and Vasily Alfimov: This figure has a lot of data in it that are beside the point from the perspective of this post, but the point is that it has the opposite axes: Be-10 concentration on the x-axis and Ne-21/Be-10 ratio on the y-axis. I think inverting the diagram so that burial goes up just confuses readers. Thus, I advocate always plotting the longer-lived nuclide of the pair on the x-axis, and the ratio of the shorter-lived to longer-lived nuclide on the y-axis. Of course, I am in the US, but I am not just cheering for my own team here.

Thus, exposure still goes to the right (at least for a while), but burial goes UP. Not what we expect from our previous experience with the Al-26/Be-10 diagram. At present, the choice of axes in two-nuclide diagrams involving Ne-21 in the literature appears to reflect your position in relation to the Atlantic Ocean. It really does make more sense for two-nuclide diagrams to always behave the same way no matter what nuclide pair is involved.The basic concept here is that if your sample stays at the surface and experiences steady exposure with or without erosion, nuclide concentrations are confined to the “simple exposure region” highlighted with dark lines in the above figure.


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    Tinulungan ko pa sya na kunin ang ilan nyang gamit sa dati nyang dorm na katabi lang pala ng dati kong apartment. Athletic sya dahil member sya ng isang varsity team sa campus. Humawak ako sa aking titi at hinimas ito, intently at boldly para makita ni Ryan na nalilibugan ako. Ang pinaka-nakakalibog sa lahat ay nakita kong may dalawa siyang bolitas sa may baba lamang ng ulo ng kaniyang titi. Tumango siya at hinawakan niya ito at pinakita saakin, pinipisil pisil. Magsasabi sana ako na gusto ko rin magpalagay pero bigla niyang tinanong kung gusto ko daw bang hawakan. Kinailangan kong iluwa muna ito at basain ang aking mga labi pagkat mataba masyado para sa aking bibig. Matubig ang tamog na lumabas saakin, at nagkalat ito sa aking dibdib at tiyan. Pagdilat ko ng aking nakita kong nakatingin siya saakin, nakangiti, pero nakakunot ang noo. Ang gamais niyang utong na gusto kong sipsipin, at ang tiyan niyang gustong gusto kong makitang balot ng tamod. Naupo ako sa pagitan ng kaniyang mga binti at nakita kong malambot na uli ang kaniyang titi. Nakakalasing at nakakalibog, knowing na kaya ko itong patigasin. Sanay na masyado sa ganito siguro si Ryan dahil matagal pa bago siya nilabasan. Hinila ko papalayo ang aking ulo at patuloy ang pagputok ng mapuputing tamod ni Ryan sa kaniyang tiyan. Hanggang makilala ko ang taong tuluyang nakapagpabago sa akin. Nasa aking pangangalaga kasi iyon simula nung ipinamana sa amin ito ng Lolo ko.

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    It extends from the mesopause (which separates it from the mesosphere) at an altitude of about 80 km (50 mi; 260,000 ft) up to the thermopause at an altitude range of 500–1000 km (310–620 mi; 1,600,000–3,300,000 ft).

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    Enemies of faith esp members of INC utilizes this fact for a ravenous assault by claiming Bro Eli has inappropriate luxurious type of living when in fact, members are limited to mere low cost living.

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    Miami, New York, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas tied for the highest percentage of users who said those things were “very important” (about 7%).

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    This Gator was brought in because it was blowing out LOTS …

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