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Moving up the range, the 90D will set you back £82,780 and the P90D model (with Ludicrous mode) costs £100,180.


Without it, the quoted 0-60mph time is still a supercar-quick 3.8 seconds.• New Ludicrous Mode for Tesla Model SSpeaking at an earlier Model X launch event, Tesla founder Elon Musk said he was setting out to prove that any car could go electric.The Premium Upgrades Package, which includes the Bioweapon Defence Mode seen in our crazy car options list, will cost £3,900.• Tesla Model 3 saloon revealed - latest details Meanwhile, back in the US, the groundbreaking 4x4 SUV/crossover has also just been subject to a safety recall, after a problem was found with a hinge mechanism in the third row of seats.A hinge failed while the car was undergoing tests to meet European safety standards, and so must be replaced on 2,700 early production vehicles.Forget Lamborghini's scissor doors or De Lorean gullwings, these might just be the coolest car doors yet.


But they're a solution to a problem rather than a flashy marketing ploy.

With the Tesla Roadster, Model S executive car and now the Model X under his belt, he's be well on the way.



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