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If there's a term you'd like included, please EMail me. Allegorical interpretation is a product of the interpreter, rather than a property of the text itself; scholars often debate whether a particular text was intended by its original author to be read allegorically.

For some specific examples of how scholarly and everyday terms differ, see also my Biblical Studies - Scholarly Terminology page. For example, Galatians -31 interprets OT story of Abraham's two sons Ishmael and Isaac allegorically, representing Mount Sinai and Jerusalem respectively, slave and free.

Since the "BC-AD" way of numbering dates became standard, scholars have postulated that Jesus was probably not actually born in the year 1 AD, but a few years before or after. Study of the Bible as a complete work, rather than a set of separate passages or books. This is a related casuistic text: "Anyone striking a person mortally shall be put to death.

Canonical criticism is not concerned with "canon formation" (the process of selection and finalization) but on how the canon "functions" and is "received" or "appropriated" by various groups. Biblical scholar Albrecht Alt (1883-1956) distinguished between casuistic and apodeictic Old Testament legal material, based on form criticism and using data from other cultures of the ancient world. If it was unintentional, but God allowed it, then I will appoint a place for the person to flee" (Ex.-13).

Khaf is the 12th letter, lamed is the 12th from the end. A fixed list of books or other works deemed authoritative in a particular community.

But the Jewish historian Josephus also describes Theudas revolt which occurred well after Gamaliels speech.


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