Boss master list not updating

In some cases, these may be given away by non-player characters in a sidequest.Regardless of how they are acquired, selling or dropping a very rare item is generally not advisable.Usually an example of an Obvious Rule Patch to prevent unwinnable situations from developing, such as if a given Boss Battle mandates the use of one specific weapon with limited uses (be it Breakable Weapons, Cast from Hit Points, or a simple lack of Bottomless Magazines).It can also occur in other situations, but those are less common.Yiazmat is found at the Colosseum at the Ridorana Cataract where the arena is covered in traps.It is possible to defeat it at around level 50 or even lower with the right strategy, but levels 70 and above are preferable.Before the inclusion of achievements, obtaining rare items was sometimes used as a form of trophy collecting.Thus, most players opt to modify Laguna's and Gilgamesh's cards for Heros and Holy Wars, and never see their "trial" versions that are only available via refining.



After finding Ivalice's best hunter in the player party, he tells them to go out and exterminate the legendary dragon.

He is not only the ultimate mark, but also the ultimate boss.


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