Updating escd building

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They included a former high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, repurposed into lofts.

He noted several successful reuses of historic buildings in downtown Pensacola, including the law firm of Beggs & Lane at 501 Commendencia St.

The developers sought to demolish all existing structures on the site to construct a mixed-use apartment development.

But Carson said the property's updated designation to the Palafox Historic Business District complicates matters and could ultimately shrink the number of residents that could live at the site."The question is whether the potential new density of that property is higher with a new structure, or is it better with the old structure," he said, referring to the district's former administration building.

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Multiple members of Two Hundred Garden West learned of the site's placement in the preservation district on Thursday after the city altered its geographic information systems map.

The changes to the online map went into effect Thursday before the development team later presented to the Pensacola Architectural Review Board to ask for permission to demolish the buildings.

On Tuesday, Ed Carson, a partner with development corporation Two Hundred Garden West Inc., expounded on how he expects the group to proceed after its members learned last week a site they hope to acquire, land anchored by the Escambia County School District's former headquarters at 213 W.

Garden St., sits in the Palafox Historic Business District — not the Governmental Center District as they previously thought.and the five-story Thiesen Building at 40 Palafox Place."What would our fabric look like if we knocked all of these down? Carson agreed with Spencer that repurposing the school district's administration building remains feasible, but until Two Hundred Garden West conducts more studies, he said, it is unknown whether it represents more economic value over the long haul.



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