Updating escd building

On Tuesday, Ed Carson, a partner with development corporation Two Hundred Garden West Inc., expounded on how he expects the group to proceed after its members learned last week a site they hope to acquire, land anchored by the Escambia County School District's former headquarters at 213 W.Garden St., sits in the Palafox Historic Business District — not the Governmental Center District as they previously thought.In an email provided by city spokesman Vernon Stewart on Friday afternoon and written by Planning Services Administrator Sherry Morris, Morris wrote the preservation district's boundaries had not been redrawn but merely corrected on the GIS map to reflect the city's land development code."During review and discussion of the proposed project, an error was discovered in the boundary of the Palafox Historic Business District as depicted on the City’s GIS map layer," she wrote."GIS staff was notified and the correction was made to reflect the codified district boundary ... GIS routinely makes corrections to the map layers when any City Department/Division makes them aware in a conflict with an ordinance or other relevant documentation."In an email to the News Journal on Sunday, Councilman Brian Spencer, an architect and co-founder of Pensacola firm SMP Architecture, described preserving the school district's former administration building, built in the 1940s, as an opportunity to sustain the uniqueness of Pensacola, which in the long run could prove more economically valuable."The preservation and adaptation of our city's historic fabric (parks, plazas, and buildings) delivers a positive economic impact while reinforcing the individuality of Pensacola, a first settlement North American city," he wrote.He also pointed to the building's expansive use of glass, with almost all of its windows about 8 feet in height.Spencer also cited developments in other regions that have reused aged structures in modern upgrades.(Por ejemplo, este error es muy comun despues de un cambio de disco). Y setee en el setup de la CMOS el tipo de disco en AUTO.3) Ingrese al setup de la CMOS y busque la opción "RESET CONFIGURATION DATA" y habilitela (cambiela a ENABLE).


** La mayoria de las veces con esto lo solucione ** 4) Borre la CMOS.and the five-story Thiesen Building at 40 Palafox Place."What would our fabric look like if we knocked all of these down? Carson agreed with Spencer that repurposing the school district's administration building remains feasible, but until Two Hundred Garden West conducts more studies, he said, it is unknown whether it represents more economic value over the long haul.



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