Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100

“Mac Steele called me Wednesday of this week and offered me the ride, so I will be driving for ‘Crafty,’ instead of sitting in the grandstands.As of right now, it’s just for New Smyrna.” He does want to be back with his own car for next week’s race in Punta Gorda, but it is not certain that he will be.“It’s a 50/50 shot right now,” he said of his chance of making that happen. By the end of March, we hope to have something put together.If we don’t by the end of March, then we’ll probably just make plans for another year.” And that rivalry, the one with Troy De Caire, that got a start with Troy’s challenge directed at John, and only John – what about that?He did not issue his own challenge directed at Troy De Caire.

Only one thing will stand in his way and prevent him from making his rookie attempt in the Little 500 in May, and that’s lack of, or insufficient sponsor dollars.“It’s still up in the air who I’ll drive for or if I’ll drive,” he said, but that scenario was only if his engine was not ready to put back in his own car.



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