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The Royalty theatre opened there in 1879 and became famous for comedies, opera and plays.

It served as the Glasgow base of the D’Oyly Carte Opera but when Howard & Wyndham’s lease ran out in 1913, the Central Halls Company who owned the property ran the theatre as the Lyric Picture Palace.

Harris, the tobacconist, and a service offering hair cutting, shaving, chiropody and manicure.

Part of Renfield Street United Free Church is visible on the left, beyond the intersection, and a branch of R. Mc Coll, the confectioner, has good exposure on the corner.

( Postcard published by Judges Ltd., Hastings ) This Valentine’s photo was taken at the same location in 1932 and the ornate street lights have now been replaced by more utilitarian ones with a longer reach, providing better illumination over the roadway.

The policeman on point duty has stopped traffic so that the tramcar can turn right into Sauchiehall Street from Renfield Street. ) A tramcar heading for the International Exhibition at Kelvingrove Park is just turning into Sauchiehall Street from Renfield Street in this 1901 scene.


A young girl is focussed on the photographer in this view looking east along Sauchiehall Street towards Armstrong’s Hotel and Parliamentary Road in the distance.The Central Halls Building, housing the Royalty Theatre, is on the left of the picture and the magnificent tower of St.John’s Methodist Church can be seen further along the street.A crowded, former horse-drawn tramcar bound for Botanic Gardens is coming round the corner from Renfield Street while a smartly dressed man waits beside the kerb.


Everyone wore a hat in those days and there is quite a collection on display.Much of the street is situated on a hillside that was probably once moorland, parts of which may have been wooded and others later cultivated.


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