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Feeling “unprepared” for that element of WWE, Perez chose to “go off the grid.” Leaving in 2011, she “dropped off the face of the earth in pro wrestling.” It was a dark time, she suggested.

However, the LGBTQ community, some knowingly and others without realizing how meaningful their voices were, helped.

“I was doing all this awesome stuff onstage, and they didn’t realize I was going through so much loneliness and hurt backstage.

It was like high school.”Unfortunately, Perez admits fame and fortune came with an unexpected price.

He is currently signed to WWE, where he is a free agent who appears for both the Raw and Smack Down brands.


He is also a five-time United States Champion and a four-time world tag team champion (two World Tag Team and two WWE Tag Team).“When it comes to acknowledging true feelings, no one should ever tell you to hide that and ‘Oh, just get over it!’” she said seemingly as much to herself as anyone else dealing with a similar situation.Whereas she was portraying a scripted role, fans accepted what they saw on television as fact.

She “didn’t know how to cope” with being called “a slut” by the masses.

Perez declined to give specifics, stating she is not prepared to discuss those “traumas” publicly.


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