Lewis dating haley scarnato

I grabbed my phone back and saw that the new text was a picture of Natalie’s topless breast with the message ‘hopefully you get out of there soon, I want to feel you shoot your load all over my titties before I leave’.I couldn’t help it as a little groan escape my lips as I looked at the picture. “Even I have to admit those things are exquisite, and I’m kind of jealous.” I almost said something about Emma’s breast having seen the nip slip photos and the recent leaks of her in the bathtub, but I quickly caught my tongue before saying anything. What I mean is that she gets to be hot and famous, but not so famous that she can still get to enjoy being young and crazy. Because of Harry Potter I was under a microscope most of my life and almost everywhere I go people recognize me.Forget doing what you and your friend did, could you imagine what would happen if I did what Shay Mitchell did?Going topless at a nude beach.” “Those pics would be all over forum boards across the internet before you could but your top back on” I said feeling sympathetic for the actress.She didn’t really respond at first, letting me kiss her, but soon she pushed me away. ” “Yes” “So what would be crazier than having sex in a hotel elevator?Plus with the power out there are no cameras to record it and we know this thing isn’t going anywhere for at least an hour.

I could not tell what way she was leaning until she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in, kissing me like I’d just kissed her a few moments ago.

Also I’m only really ever in Los Angeles if I have to be.” “Yeah, I guess you’re a big enough star at this point people come to you with roles rather than you having to chase them down.” “One of the benefits of being Hermione Granger.” she said sarcastically. I liked you in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Bling Ring.” “You saw those? It took a few minutes before finally we got a woman’s voice to respond. “I hope you were not in a rush to get to your room to you the bathroom” I said trying to break the ice. I dropped the pizza box in the middle of the floor, I took of my sweatshirt, and sat on the floor taking a slice out of the box. I introduced myself and told her about how I won the lottery and had recently become a producer in LA.

” She asked turning and actually looking at me as opposed to the elevator doors as she spoke. “Hi, are y’all alright in there.” the woman spoke with a very heavy southern accent. Turns out she had actually just watched me & Ryan’s first film on her flight into town and had really enjoyed it.

Had I known it was going to get this nasty this quickly I wouldn’t have walked to get the pizza I ordered. Wow, thanks.” “No problem.” She said with a smile as she let the doors closed a pressed the button for her floor.


When I finally got to the hotel with my large pepperoni pizza in on hand and a bag with some sodas and waters in the other, my pants and sweatshirt were pretty wet though thankfully not totally soaked through. I was mildly surprised that the woman actually did hold the elevator, and was even more surprised when I saw who it was holding the door open. I reached over and pressed the button for the floor a few stops before hers.I headed straight for the elevators and as I approached I saw a brunette of medium height wearing tight jeans, a black lightweight coat and black ankle boots, step onto the elevator pulling her two suitcases behind her. “Gotta admit I’m a little surprised I’m running into you here in Atlanta and not LA” I said trying to strike up a conversation with the Harry Potter star. ” “Normally yes, but the storm knocked out the power and our backup generators aren’t working so the hotel on emergency power only.” “I guess that means we’re pretty much fucked in here then? We’re trying to get the power back and we’ll try and find someone to get you out of there, but you both might be stuck in there for quite a while.” “Bollocks.” I heard Emma cuss behind me.



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    Either you get complacent because you assume that you’re so far out of your partner’s league that he or she would do anything to jeopardize the relationship – and thus quickly find out just how wrong you are – or you become so convinced that your partner is going to realize that they could do better and drop you like a bad habit that you end up subconsciously pushing them away.

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