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Slava told us that one of the most frequently used categories of fake profiles is an American military man.“For some reason, scammers seem to believe that American GIs are it, the most trustworthy and desirable type of man of all,” he said.Slava said he takes this problem seriously and works hard to keep Love Awake a safe and honest place to search for love.“We try our best to identify and delete fake profiles,” he said.When scammers falsify information on a dating site, everyone loses.Online daters could lose their money dealing with fakes, and dating companies could lose their good reputation.Russian entrepreneur and Love Awake Founder Slava said he loves hearing from couples like John and Luisa.


He didn’t want to spend his golden years on his own, so he sought the services of a global dating agency and website, Love, for help finding love again.

John and Luisa clicked on their first date, and they are now married and living together in the States.

John told Love Awake’s team in his thank-you letter that Luisa reminds him a lot of his first wife, and he foresees many happy years with her.

Every day, the team uploads examples of fake profile pictures used by scammers on the web.


From women in crop-tops to men in camo, the photos show daters how easy it is to be fooled by a stranger’s smile.The dating site is free to join and offers unlimited access to chat rooms, private messaging, and advanced search functions.


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