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Something about fall that has us nesting and getting ready for cooler weather and the comfort of our homes! I actually still use what had been my parents’ dining room and bedroom sets: maple and very colonial looking.Having lost some of the drawer pulls on these pieces I was thinking of replacing with what I had on the kitchen cabinets.These are things I aspire to (unfortunately with 6 cats and 1 dog making my design and decorating decisions, I’m afraid I fail miserably at it) and love what you’ve done! I was thinking of taking them to a refurnishing wood place and have the scrolls sawed off so this would give the bottom a more contemporary square look. My dresser had a large miror with scrolls and little shelves on each side.I removed this mirror a couple of years ago, so all I have to do is look for a new mirroe.If I were going to change furniture, I may choose a shabby chic style that would look good in a lakeside home. He had to find one that was thin enough to get between the nails and the other part of the handle.it didn’t work. Fall must signal to us that the holidays are coming, and we have to be ready for company! We, too, have a bedroom set we’ve had forever, but just can’t buy a brand new one right now (son in college, too! I’ve contemplated painting the set (husband not excited about that idea), but I’ve hesitated. A fabric headboard would certainly update a bedroom. The bed in our master bedroom was my wedding gift from my husband (and quite a surprise at that.) Thank you for reading the post and commenting.


Like you, with 3 in college, my decor chances will have to wait a little longer. Hummm…which room will be first ———————————————————————– It’s amazing how a little paint and new hardware can make such a difference, especially a coat of black paint.

(I’m not brave enough to paint ours yet.) Hope this helps!

Kelly Any time I see someone update a room without painting over the gorgeous wood furniture, I am delighted, to say the least!

The frame was a plastic faux wood, and I knew I wanted to paint it, but I wanted to make sure the size looked right above the dresser.

So my husband removed the other mirror, and hung the new one. The time I painted it, I painted it a blue that coordinated with the blue in the drapery fabric…not a good choice. So I then decided that black would be the best color since the wicker chair in that room is already painted black.I guess it is because we don’t usually entertain company in there! My bedroom furniture is unpainted, too, and very classic.



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