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), and drowning in purchases that never quite live up to the hype.

Isn’t it interesting to know Vogue editors are sniggering behind their Botoxed hands, thinking, ‘God, I wouldn’t be seen dead in an Armani trouser suit! ’, coming up with ruses to make us think £3,000 is reasonable for a Jil Sander coat.

The ‘stupid’ Michael Kors sweater cost £455, despite being made of viscose. Kors was indeed an odd choice, given the reason Chung was on the cover in the first place was to showcase the launch of her own collection.

Trouble is, as a new brand, Chung presumably had no advertising budget, so her clothes didn’t warrant a cover.

So imagine the horror at Vogue HQ when Lucinda Chambers, the magazine’s fashion director for 25 years until she was unceremoniously sacked by incoming editor, Edward Enninful, gave an interview to an obscure website called Vestoj. ’But the quote that really stuck out like one of Cara Delevingne’s hip bones was this: ‘Fashion magazines cajole, bully and encourage’ people into buying things ‘they don’t need’. She once shot a ‘c**p’ cover with Alexa Chung for the June issue, placing the model-turned-designer in a ‘stupid Michael Kors T-shirt because he’s a big advertiser, so I knew why I had to’. The scales (python, probably; fashionistas do love an exotic skin!

It contained a whole armoury of explosive nuggets, such as that she hasn’t read Vogue ‘for years’ and that, come September, she will be nervous that she will be allowed into a catwalk show at all: ‘I’m 57. ) have fallen from our eyes, and we are being shown The World of Exteriors for what it really is.

The models are the smart cookies: the second they get off the catwalk, they shed the emperor’s new clothes and emerge like butterflies in jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, looking more beautiful than they did in couture And, much more importantly, fashion makes us poor.

Not just high-end idiots like me, who think that if only I could afford a £505 Prada cotton top my life would be better.



Yeah, they're both adorable and extremely talented. No, I couldn't be their moms, but I am older than them which made it excellent that I was romantically linked to Garrett, which I'm not.



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