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Rarely do they apologise but on most of my flights they exit with a ‘thank you, you were so nice’.” “Air travel makes people crazy and very bold,” says Brad.“But I do this because I love it.” Let’s see how he feels after a decade in the job.Four million copies of the DVD were sold by the end of the year, making it one of the best-selling DVDs of all time.TV Guide ranked it as the sixth-greatest TV season ever made.One man recently accosted Brad and asked him for compensation for the fact that his neighbour was putting his elbow on their shared armrest.That, he says, is the only time he’s come close to cracking. Pamela says that premium passengers often acknowledge their bad behaviour.


The crew had to hold up blankets in the galley, and he took his trousers off and peed into a cup.” As Brad – who works for a major US airline flying both domestic and international – would soon come to realise, working “up front” isn’t the easy ride you’d assume.“A lot of flight attendants don’t like working in first because it’s more work and the passengers tend to be more needy [than in economy],” he says.A flight attendant on another US airline, who we'll call Pamela*, now works in first class after over a decade in economy. “People feel more entitled,” she told Soon after his training, Brad was collecting his own anecdotes.“They think that flight attendants have some superpower to fix everything from TV to seats to the fact that they’re just having a bad day,” she says.

“I’ve learned to just always smile and nod, knowing that once they’ve got out all their drama, they settle down and start to turn around and realise what an ass they’ve been.

The season comprised 12 episodes, and concluded its initial airing on June 26, 1991.



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