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Art – An arrangement of items that is considered pleasing. When people talk about video games and art, they are generally being irritating windbags who don’t realize how nebulous the word is and how pointless it is to argue whether or not a particular example of media counts as art or not.

Rarely in these conversations do people actually talk about gameplay.

Both indie games and big-budget film wannabe games attempt to be arty in different ways.

Balancing – Ensuring that the attributes of the playable characters in a competitive game don’t leave any at an insurmountably unfair advantage over the others.

AAA – Peacock term for big, rich companies that have huge advertising budgets.

An “AAA title” is simply a very famous one with lots of hype leading up to it.

Copy Protection – A barrier placed either at the start of a game or early in it for the purpose of frustrating pirates. The computer-controlled introduction in the title screens of games such as or many early arcade titles. Demo (3) – A program that represents no product per se, but is a demonstration of the technical chops of the creator by pushing boundaries of hardware limitations. Can range from frivolous junk like new costumes to actually useful things like new levels and characters.

DRM – Digital Rights Management (that’s newspeak if I ever saw it).

The process by which access to a game is arbitrarily limited by the creator.

Dummy, Dummied – Information that has been removed from the game but still remains hidden in the game’s files.


Examples can include characters, levels, and items that didn’t make the final cut of the game.

As there is no way to purchase these games, many people (even those who condemn piracy) see no moral or legal problem with distributing these old games in order to keep them alive. Action – Almost all video games involve action, so having a genre called action seems superfluous.


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    Weet iemand waarom of kan iemand kort uitleggen hoe de rom structuur op een htc in elkaar steekt?

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    After I saw his entrance to Kate and William's wedding I was absolutely convinced that yes he is gay and very much a nelly at that. If he were trying to coach and/or commentate, I could understand playing the closet game.

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