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Jim Kennedy of Atlantic Sea Kayaking West Cork takes us out on Lough Hyne for some late-night moonlit kayaking.

Video: Bryan O'Brien 'Coasteering' is a mixture of adventure swimming, jumping and scrambling along the coastline.

Video: Kathleen Harris The wild landscape of the Ballyhoura Forest provides the perfect location for mountain biking, for our Best Place to go Wild in Ireland series.

Video: Daniel O'Connor FIVE GREAT ACTIVITIES Mountain-biking dates: Ballyhoura is mountain-biking heaven, with highly-rated international-standard competition facilities (

Gorge-walking: Wetsuits, shoes, helmets and gloves on, you pick your way up a river canyon against the flow of the water.

Swim in pools, haul yourself up slippery rocks, and swing from overhanging branches as you do so.

Explore caves and woodlands, go rock hopping and be prepared to be physically and mentally challenged as you end your trip with a daunting cliff dive into the roaring Atlantic.

Zetland Pier, Adrigole, Cork: Trek through overgrown brambles and apparent dead ends to reach this hidden paradise which exists for only a couple hours either side of low tide and is known only to clued-in locals.



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