Engagement dating advice

Decide what is right for you and the newly engaged couple when a gift comes into question.

Conventional engagement party etiquette is that no gift is required or expected for an engagement party, and therefore, no, you do not necessarily need to bring a gift to the event.

Many times this is because the giver genuinely wants to offer a gift to celebrate the couple's engagement, but there may be other reasons, such as: When invited to an engagement party, many guests do choose to bring a gift to honor the happy couple as they begin to plan their nuptials.

The types of gifts vary widely based on the type of party, the guest's relationship with the couple, and the intent of the gift.

With so many options for engagement rings, it's important to consider a variety of etiquette-related factors when deciding what type of ring - if any - is right for your relationship and how to go about making this important purchase.



Learn the various aspects of etiquette surrounding the topic of engagement rings to help you make the right decision for your particular situation.The answer may not be easy, but the easiest gift of all to give - a warm and sincere congratulations - is free, takes no time to wrap, can't be broken, and will be appreciated far more than any material item.



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