Updating android browser


This problem is fixed in Android 4.4 and 5.0, but more than 60 percent of Android devices are stuck on devices that won’t receive any security fixes. Manufacturers put out a huge number of different phones and modify the code extensively.

Google can’t just update the operating system on your device — they can only put out new code and hope the device’s manufacturer and your cellular carrier do the hard work of getting it to you.

But more than 60 percent of devices are using Android 4.3 and lower, according to Google’s own numbers.

Google hasn’t released a “patch” for Android 4.3, but — if they did — it’d be up to phone manufacturers and cellular carriers to roll it out.

I am used to browsers having exploits found on them being fixed and having new versions of the browser with the fixes.

In the Android native browser it seems there is no such process.

That’s the only way they can ensure their built-in browsers are safe and secure.

In Android 5.0, the browser is updated by Google directly through Google Play.Traditionally, most Android components have been baked in at the operating system level.This includes the built-in web browser, named “Browser.” Importantly, the Browser itself and the underlying rendering engine are built into the operating system.The best you could do is look at the GIT revision history for the browser.

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