Conversation of desi sex chat

colorderainbow:definetly colorderainbow:it may reach to ur hubby or relatives of my age colorderainbow:who might be surfing such sites vasudha: I know and my voice is dictinct vasudha: Easy to pick vasudha:since it is crisp tpp colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:then keep away from sex talk vasudha: Anyways it is good of maverick to have given me that link colorderainbow:or just make sure before that the guy is not going to blackmail u vasudha: I will from voice chat is for sure colorderainbow:hmmm vasudha: Maybe if I really know a guy from net I would let him have phone sex with me vasudha: Not otherwise vasudha: And that needs a lot of chat vasudha:to be 100% sure vasudha: What to do?I love having sex vasudha: And I am not getting any younger colorderainbow:hey vasudha: Maybe last 5 years I can have some nice sex colorderainbow:dont forget me when u r making ur mind for sex talk vasudha: Then it would be hmmm colorderainbow:hahhahaha vasudha:) vasudha: Anyways now-a-days it is more like last 6 months I had 3 partners apart from hubby vasudha: And this trip abroad is a short one next month vasudha: Just a month colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:so where dou go to have sex colorderainbow:some hotel when u r doing with other partner than hubby vasudha: One was a friend's son.Hence the urge ain't there colorderainbow:so how much pleasure u got i m not sure vasudha: No wonder as soon as I half read I got turned off colorderainbow:okay may be colorderainbow:its max when u reaches 14 15th day colorderainbow:isnt it ??vasudha: Nah 2 more days and I start yearning vasudha: I get so horny at times vasudha: LOL vasudha: I feel like getting fucked in my cabin ) colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:it would be fun colorderainbow:n come in jeans next time colorderainbow:i love to remove jeans n then panty colorderainbow:u know same here colorderainbow:sex in office just turn me on colorderainbow:these are unconventional places to have sex vasudha: I come in what I come in [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Anyways u will screw me naked colorderainbow:thats is there but stripping is fun colorderainbow:part of fuck game vasudha:oh yeah vasudha:thn finger' vasudha:then palm th eboobs vasudha:then finger fuck to make me wet vasudha: Then fuck me to make me cum vasudha:) colorderainbow:yeah thats the whole story in nut shell colorderainbow:lol [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Hmmm vasudha: And that took 4 posts from u to leave it oncomplete colorderainbow:hahhaha colorderainbow:did u read on exbii vasudha:yep that is what I do always after a chat silly boy colorderainbow:hahhahaha colorderainbow:but u never comment on that vasudha: Nah!colorderainbow:n place my dick there colorderainbow:n slowly i go in Vasudha: I put my legs around ur waist now trying to grip your body colorderainbow:with my hips weight colorderainbow:i lean over u Vasudha: You are now completely inside my pussy Vasudha:or ur dick is colorderainbow:n love slowly slowly making the way to ur womb Vasudha: My breasts darling Vasudha:oph fondle them please colorderainbow:yeahh colorderainbow:i hold them n Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha:it is so nice colorderainbow:start pumping with slow n long thrusts Vasudha:yeah fuck me darling colorderainbow:aaj to madam ko chodunga jam ke colorderainbow:le mera lund le slut Vasudha: Yeah yeah Vasudha: Oh lovely Vasudha:yeah fuck me Vasudha:harder Vasudha:yeah' Vasudha: Harder Vasudha:faster Vasudha: Oh it is so nice colorderainbow:i move it faster n faster colorderainbow:with short n fast strokes Vasudha: Yeah ! Oh fuck me please colorderainbow:futch futch Vasudha: Yeah thats the way Vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:taking ur legs close to ur boobies colorderainbow:n fucking ur pussy in air colorderainbow:aaahhhhhhhh Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha:u fuck so well Vasudha:y didn't u fuck me bfore colorderainbow:n biting ur boobies leaning over to u Vasudha:yeah thats the place Vasudha:fuck me hard dear colorderainbow:fucking u rand colorderainbow:hard Vasudha: Oh my god colorderainbow:fucking u hard Vasudha: I am cumming Vasudha: Oh faster colorderainbow:i m sweating in this ac Vasudha:yeah Vasudha: I am cumming Vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:ohhhh Vasudha: Fuck me. Vasudha: Oh yeah colorderainbow:aaaahhhhhh its great Vasudha: Ummmmmm Vasudha: Oh lovely Vasudha: Yeah darling fuck me colorderainbow:ur wet pussy is making sound Vasudha: Oh yeah fuck me hard colorderainbow:futch fucth Vasudha: Oh ur dick is so hard Vasudha:yeah I can feel it inside me darling Vasudha: Oh yeah colorderainbow:bring u the edge n rams u deeper colorderainbow:in out Vasudha: Fuck me.The only affair I was not carefu; vasudha: FIrst time was at friends place vasudha: Then my house vasudha: Then there was this client who had come over. Once in the room at the office [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: The 3rd was when I had to go out of station for a few days.At the hotel vasudha: Client was the last vasudha: Then my hubby on Dec 31st.


Fuck me in ur dreams colorderainbow:i never saw u vasudha:and then u can virtually fuck me to an orgasm vasudha: LOL colorderainbow:can u send me ur pick vasudha: OK i will send a naked pic asap vasudha:face botched colorderainbow:hahhahaha vasudha: LOL colorderainbow:okay not a problem colorderainbow:i wanna see u vasudha:bye colorderainbow:okay colorderainbow:thanks in advance colorderainbow:n i have some question for u in mind vasudha:shoot colorderainbow:come ready tommorow for interview colorderainbow:liek how do u manage doing it at ur house colorderainbow:hubby dont get a clue of it [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Nope vasudha: No clue vasudha:even at office vasudha:) vasudha:ok bye then colorderainbow:ok byeee colorderainbow:c ya colorderainbow:muaaah colorderainbow:kisses n hugs vasudha:ummmmmmmmah vasudha:rubbin ur dick vasudha: Hey how about sending me the pic of ur dick in placid state ?

colorderainbow:n then she left for her worjk colorderainbow:she said she was just so rest less colorderainbow:n thanked me to help colorderainbow:but she never turned up online ever again vasudha: It helps me relax too vasudha: Maybe u scared her darling vasudha:u need to be gentle with us even while fucking us virtually colorderainbow:hahhahahha colorderainbow:i think she was scared coz she had voice chat colorderainbow:as u r scared of it vasudha: I wasn't acually.

Only when I saw 2500 downloads vasudha: It blew my brains off making me swear!

vasudha: Yeah colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:i have done sex talk on phone but i never recorded them colorderainbow:it was fun hearing the moans vasudha:dunno how these silly guys think just because I am a horny female I will accept their whims!

vasudha: Moaning is too personal vasudha: I moan when aroused vasudha: It is so nice a way to express vasudha:send out a signal saying now I am ready to take in ur dick!

Saale kitni ladkio ko apne niche chut masalne ke liye majbur kiya hai tune?


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