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The next post will focus on how to bring up the conversation of sex and disability, and how to establish what questions are good and appropriate to ask.I want to encourage everyone, disabled and able-bodied individuals alike, to submit their questions, concerns, or even just stories and experiences that they’d like to share.I am one of the many who has little to no use of their legs.I’ll get more into the details of my particular brand of Spina Bifida and how it relates to sex in a later post. I’m a disabled, bisexual woman in a committed relationship of five years, recently exploring the ins and outs of polyamory on a casual level.A wide range of high quality facilities and services is available in Horizon Beach Resort, making your dream holidays come true.We provide excellent standards of accommodation in our spacious rooms with a great view of our landscaped gardens and the Aegean blue.For those who are unfamiliar, Spina Bifida is a developmental disability from birth that occurs when the spinal column doesn’t close completely, causing neurological damage.Spina Bifida can affect patients to varying degrees and in a variety of ways.


But let’s just add to that shock factor for a moment. Obviously not everyone wants to be asked such invasive questions, nor can you expect everyone to feel comfortable asking such questions.

I plan to cover important topics like the misconceptions of sex and disability, dating and relationships, and safety and sex health, and other topics as they come to me.

I will also be doing feature posts like frequently asked questions that disabled people often deal with, and a weekly question & answer post where readers can send in questions, concerns or problems and I will post answers or information on helpful resources.

Here's a look at some of our latest members: Our members are different to the average person looking for love. Whatever their disability happens to be, they are all unique. Having a disability doesn’t make you 'different' here - it is your unique personality that does that.


Specialising in matchmaking for disabled people allows us to move beyond the disability, the conversation doesn't have to start with explaining what condition you have.Ideally located on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Kos, 4 star Horizon Beach Resort offers holidays of an exceptional high standard.



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