Dating university waterloo

Clarence was not seen during the second series but was on mentioned from time to time.His most recent appearance during the first episode of series 3, when Donte married long-term girlfriend, Chlo.Jimmy was at constant loggerheads with Izzie or having regular access with his daughters.Never playing by the book, Jimmy took matters into his own hands on several occasions when he glued shut the door locks on her car and took the girls out without Izzie's consent.Yasmin was left devastated when her twin brother Adam died.Convinced that Donte knew more about the accident than he was letting on, she and best friend Janeece arranged for him to be beaten-up by bully, Hadleigh Flynn until he confessed to driving the car when Hadleigh was threatening him with a knife.


A shocked Jack was forced to come clean to Andrew about Zoe's blackmail threats and in the process revealed he thought she was at least 18, unaware she was actually 15.But his efforts failed when it was revealed by Izzie he had not paid child support for Mika or Chlo since their break-up.It was revealed during series one that Izzie and Jimmy never actually married when Chlo asked why they never got married. It was later revealed in the third series opener that Jimmy had given Chlo permission to marry Donte Charles. Yasmin 'Yaz' Deardon was the sister of killed pupil, Adam.Estelle Cooper (played by Judith Barker) was the first PA secretary at Waterloo Road.


She served under Jack Rimmer during the first series, but by the second series had left the school to be replaced by Davina Shackleton. Clarence Charles is the father of pupil, Donte Charles.


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