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She later tried to flee Gotham City only to be caught by John Blake, and being placed in Blackgate Prison.


She is later proved to be a worthy ally of Batman, helping him several times through the conflict, and becomes Bruce Wayne's new love interest. Unknown • Musketeer • Nightrunner • Nightwing • Onyx • Orpheus • Outsiders • Red Robin • Renee Montoya • Robin • Sarah Essen • Sasha Bordeaux • Signal • Silver St. • Batman Reborn • Battle for the Cowl • The Black Mirror • Blind Justice • Cataclysm • Contagion • The Dark Knight Returns • A Death in the Family • Death of the Family • Endgame • Face the Face • Fugitive • Gotham's Most Wanted • Hush • The Killing Joke • Knightfall • Last Rites • Legacy • A Lonely Place of Dying • The Long Halloween • Night of the Owls • No Man's Land • Officer Down • Prodigal • The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul • The Return of Bruce Wayne • Batman: Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed?

Later on it is revealed that she works for Bruce's adversary, Daggett, and she works for him so that her criminal record can be erased.

But she is being betrayed, and flee herself from Daggett's henchmen.

‘There’s no engagement on the horizon,’ says Brian 27.

‘We’re just enjoying each other’s company.’ Ali and Brian blame the demands of show business for not being able to determine the future.Bruce Wayne later asked help from Selina to get him to Bane, only to be betrayed by her so that she can save herself.


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    His use of media has been cited by some as a successful way to raise a politician's profile nationally and among his constituents.

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    I thought if I said no they’d move on to someone else. We had sex in my bed and it felt really nice but I woke up the next morning to find that he’d gone without even leaving a note. You need to rebuild self-esteem and a bit more self-love before dating again.

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