Bi sex chat room


I would either jerk off while we were role playing or I would jerk off shortly after we signed off.We hit it off from the beginning as Paul was a top and I loved being the bottom so were a natural fit and continued our chat room playing for a few months.

My heart was beating double time when I answered, "Sure.

I wondered if he really looked as he described himself. I did lie about my age by a few years and my weight by a few pounds but who doesn't lie about those?

I got to the brew pub a few minutes early and waited for Paul.

I sent him a text to tell him I was sitting at the bar and what I was wearing.


He never responded so I didn't know if I was going to be stood up or not. " Paul ordered a beer and sat down on the bar stool next to me.That would be fun." He even said, "we don't have to do anything but it would be fun to meet over a couple of beers and put faces to the chats we've had." That put me at ease, as these were roles and fantasies that I never expected to live out.


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