Speaker icon gone after updating ubuntu

Mark Still having the problem repeatedly where the gear icon, clock and more don't show up in the top status bar. It's a little weird in that the time did not show up until Network Time was turned off. If I go back to 'ubuntu (default)' at login I no longer get the top status bar OR the menu bar. Also, I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to work or not. Under 13.04 I needed Python 3 and uninstalled Python 2 only to find that Dropbox would no longer work.If my windows manager is ubuntu(default) and I let the screen time out so that I get the login screen if I select gnome to login it's still in the ubuntu(default) windows manager, which means no top status bar and no menu bar. I have upgraded to 13.10 from 13.04 and after I log in the top menu (status) bar displays the name of the current open application and rest is blank. So I reinstalled Python 2 and played with the symbolic links so that both 2 and 3 would work.Also, my stupid friend tried installing this program called winzip and after attempting it I was no longer able to access my internet connection from the settings part as well. my wireless works fine with every other computer except this one. It doesn't go to the desktop view, there's only a rat icon and XFCE on the screen. I was able to restore battery meter icon on Acer aspire running XP SP3 by doing the following: Ctrl-Alt-del all at the same time Click "processes" tab scroll to and highlight "explorer exe" Click end process Click "File" "New Task" cut and paste, or type: Click "OK" Ctrl-Alt-del all at the same time Click "File" "New Task" cut and paste, or type: Click "OK" ' hello name is fay cooper i got an aspire one acer laptop for christmas it has been working ever since I got it then one day my internet went and I went on settings and it wouldent let me go onto the settings like try a new net gear like that but it didnt let me on it.I am completely not able to connect to my wireless internet. Thank you, Amanda Try this: Method #1 Volume Icon Missing 1. In the Processes Tab, click to highlight “explorer.exe” 3. It let me go on every think ealse but not the internet. please could some one help me :) thank you Ok guys - took me a little while to figure this out, people were solving this problem in the windows operating system.For some strange reason, many Vista users have to deal with missing volume and network icons on a regular basis!Even after I upgraded to Windows Vista SP1, my volume and network connection icons would just disappear from the system tray.Usually, all your icons will come back automatically, but if they don’t, just go to the Notification Area tab under Start Menu properties and check off the icons you want to have appear again.Unfortunately, this problem of the missing icons in Vista happens to me over and over, even after deleting the registry keys.


### Open a terminal session(Press Alt F2) ### In the terminal type xfce4-panel -a In this screen you get the option to add functions to the panel.

The volume icon in the taskbar allows you changing the sound volume on Windows 10 quickly.

This bug has been split from #1239710 as the branch for which changing launcher placement to "all displays" does not work.

Every time I login, without fail, the top status bar is missing the gear icon for shutdown, the date, the sound icon and some others. So if I let the session time out so that the screen locks, I the gear icon appears in the top status bar and works.

I have also added a new user to see if the issue has something to do with my account. The issue happens for both dual monitor and single monitor configurations. The problem appeared immediately following upgrade to 13.10.The funny thing is that if you go to the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog and click on the Notification Area tab, the volume, network, and power icons are all grayed out!



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