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In the beginning, it was just me and my skateboard.

With pressure and expectations, everything changed and I almost quit.

When you take on that many people's responsibilities and you can't deal with your own self, it's a recipe for disaster. Then you add Jack Daniels to the equation, and it's just all bad news. At what point did you feel that you had enough distance from the show and that you were again accepted as one of the gnarliest skaters out there? I did an interview for Trans World and I bashed Jamie Thomas. Once you stop seeking any kind of validation inner peace can begin. One of the main sins is comparison because God created all of us in His image. I'm not saying I don't go off the cuff and get angry.

The demands of a hit MTV show couldn't have helped either. I was so mad at Jamie because he had said something negative. I have that aggressive side of me that lives, and it's even stronger now because of my morals and my beliefs.

I guess when you’re one of the greatest skateboarders of all time like Ryan Sheckler and you’re still just 25 it kind of makes sense that you’d have a SILLY HOT girlfriend like Mia Bonde.

And somewhere else, someone is laughing for their last time.

The two have been all over each others Instagrams lately ...

posting not only pictures together but special cutesy messages to one another to let the world know they are officially an item. and regret the fact you never picked up a skateboard.

A quick look at her Instagram account and if Mia isn’t a model, she damn well should be, because her page is chock full of SMOKING HOT pics, many of the bikini-wearing variety.


Man, I knew I should have tried harder to learn skateboarding. But it's hard to laugh if you take everything too seriously.

Finally, to the non-skateboarding demographic, Sheckler is a teenage heartthrob known for his short-lived hit MTV show 'Life Of Ryan.' From 2007-2008, Sheckler was the biggest name in action sports thanks to 'Life Of Ryan,' but ultimately the Hollywood lifestyle consumed Ryan to the point that he lost focus on his first true love: Skateboarding. So the fact that we don't agree on this, that's okay.



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