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I have a clear head and have just taken deep lungfuls of crisp, sub-zero air, the sort of thing that usually makes me dizzy. Perhaps it's because I've just spent five days in the Swiss Alps eating nothing but vegan, mostly raw, food swilled down with mineral water, have been swimming for the first time in aeons, and climbed a mountain in snow shoes.But a far more likely reason is the fact I have just endured five days without alcohol - the first time I've gone without a drop for more than a day in 12 years.Shocking CCTV footage (right) showed lorry driver Simon Smith flying through the air after being struck by the out-of-control bus before calmly getting up and walking into a pub in June.Senghor was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence at Reading Crown Court.The report - filed by police in Cambridge, Massachusetts - says that on Thursday, October 29, the woman went to Felipe's (bottom right), a restaurant in Harvard Square with Mr Cox.Kim Cattrall has rejected Sarah Jessica Parker's condolences and branded her 'cruel' following the unexpected death of her brother.Lawrence Jones (pictured), founder of technology business UKFast, promoted his company's Swiss ski lodge by using a picture of a woman apparently naked, save for her jacket and boots (left), and has posted photos of female staff dressed in bikinis and hotpants on the firm's blog.His actions angered alumnae of the £11,472-a-year Manchester High School for Girls (inset), where he was due to deliver the annual Founders' Lecture next month.



However Kim appeared to cut all ties today when she took to Instagram to tell SJP that she 'doesn't need her love or support at this tragic time'.

Mable had two sons Peter, now 77, and Philip, 70, while Jack Jnr had eight children - pictured on right: Colleen (front left), 68, Kerrie (front right), John, Kate (front centre), 61, Chris, 55, Genevieve (rear right), 54, Barbara (rear left), 53, and Tony, 51.

Britain now boasts a staggering 768,553 properties worth a million but the size of these homes vary dramatically with the following 30 houses showing what you can buy with your money.

Property website Zoopla have come up with a list of 30 homes around the country that can be bought for £1 million.

Unsurprisingly, we London hosts more than half of the nation's property millionaires - 430,720 of the total.China has officially put its new J-20 stealth fighter into service - a warplane which it hopes will narrow the military gap with the U. and add more weight behind its push to defend 'territorial integrity'.


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