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Robert Caldwell accepted a five-year order effectively preventing him from going near the school where he was previously caught loitering and was subsequently prosecuted by police.


Police were told Caldwell had been frequenting the presbytery to receive assistance and counsel from parish priest Msgr William Fulton.

Magistrate Michael Dowd said it was appropriate to get a pre-sentence report on Caldwell following the indication from Sgt Hanzic. Caldwell was seen by a police officer at am on May 5 in the car park of St Patrick Primary school in Smollett St.

He was looking around the car park and school grounds area for about five minutes while young children arrived for both school and pre-school activites.

Solicitor Michael Hayes said Caldwell did voluntary work at St Patricks Church after attending mass each morning.

Parish preist Msgr William Fulton gave evidence about Caldwells voluntary work.

Sgt Hanzic said in Albury Court yesterday that he would be making submissions on an appropriate sentence for Robert Ronald Caldwell and suggesting a jail term.


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