Be more intimidating

"They must drive competition and push themselves and their teams to perform at the highest level," Willink writes.

"But they must never put their own drive for personal success ahead of overall mission success for the greater team." This means that when something does not go according to plan, leaders must set aside their egos and take ownership of the failure before moving forward.

Even when leaders are not directly responsible for all outcomes, it was their method of communication and guidance, or lack thereof, that led to the results.

That doesn't mean, however, that leaders should micromanage.


Take your time though — if training becomes too hard, your dog is likely to give up (and so are you). During training sessions, take precautions to help your dog stay focused.It's why the concept of decentralized command that Willink and Babin used in the battlefield, in which they trusted that their junior officers were able to handle certain tasks without being monitored, translates so well to the business world.


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