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In our example above Joe could use his account as the single location for his email.He then configures his account to read email from the other two email accounts and place it into his inbox.She has been writing articles and content on a variety of topics since 2006 and has contributed articles to Web sites such as Spark People.Because we use email for many different purposes we often have to deal with multiple email accounts, addresses and devices e,g laptops,smart phones etc.Make sure to read through our steps one by one, and follow any links for more information if you need it.Email consolidation is the act of forwarding your mail from your secondary accounts to your primary account, using it as the central hub of all your mail.The accounts would all need to support Webmail access.

The screens hot below shows Thunderbird configured to access 3 mailboxes using IMAP4.If you're replying or forwarding, click change next to the 'From:' field first.You can also choose to automatically use the address to which a message was sent.This method is similar to the desktop client consolidation except it is done on the email server.


Google, Yahoo and will let you access multiple email accounts and consolidate email into your online account In essence they function as POP3 email clients by reading the email from the other accounts and placing the email into the inbox of your online account.

There are various ways that Joe can manage and accesses these accounts.


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