Did olivia wilde dating justin timberlake


Olivia Wilde did just that at the Oscars last month, opting for a plunge neck pleated ivory gown by Valentino for the main event, before changing into a plunge neck pleated raspberry-coloured dress for the Vanity Fair afterparty.

We'd hazard a guess that she's a fan of plunge neck pleated dresses....



And how do we become one of Olivia Wilde’s honeybadgers? And Olivia Wilde showed her true colors as she arrived at Variety Screening Series presented by Film Struck's screening of new documentary Fear Us Women in Los Angeles on Tuesday.The 33-year-old sported a striped La Ligne sweater and corduroy trousers for the night of thought-provoking cinema.Cillian Murphy will play Timekeeper Raymond Leon, and Collins Pennie will play his right-hand man.


Vincent Kartheiser has joined the cast as Amanda Seyfried's father, a man forced to choose between his daughter and the oppressive time-keeping system that he has profiteered off of for quite some time. Last we heard about rumored Justin Timberlake/Olivia Wilde romance, JT's rep was saying that the two are JUST FRIENDS, and we were NOT convinced.



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