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Families sometimes feel lost or struggle to express themselves regarding a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

This can be down to fear of stigma, a concern that they won’t be properly understood or simply not knowing what to do.

I re-met a childhood friend, an embarked on a relationship that is, 7 years later, destroying me. While we've been together, he has been unfaithful for a period of a year, been unemp…


read the full post I've always thought I was Ok, and now that I'm older I realised I've never reallynspoke out because people are quick to judge.

You wonder out of who knows as my father seemed to tell all and sund… When he sobered up we visited him like 2 times a year ( he lived very far away) , until he started drinking again. I'm scared to death for her, she lives alone and drinks 2litres of vodka and a bottle of wine per night.

She can't function without it, getting up at 2am shaking and vomitinng, blurred vision and sweats until she drinks enough to stop the withdrawals, then a few hrs later she has to do it again. read the full post Christmas was a horrible one this year. You see my son who is 22 now, decided to stop smoking weed about 5 days before Christmas, i should have been so pleased but i knew what was coming, Anger, doubt, weight loss, anxiety but to name a few.

He has probably been using weed since he was about 16 on and off but the real problems started at about aged 19. read the full post I left my last relationship with someone that was sexually abusive, aged 30 after 10 years together.

Myself, and my two beautiful children lost everything and started again.John and I used to have a very happy and close relationship, he is my best friend and the love of my life without a doubt. It seems easier to question these things now when you are much older but back then I was too young to grasp the situation...


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