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The reference is not to what Buffet could do with a football, rather to his alcoholic benders.He was an epic drinker, matched by his socialite wife whose ‘years in the nightclubs of Paris had built up an almost Olympic level of tolerance’. The first major love affair of his life was with the budding businessman Pierre Berge, for whom he left his wife, having married her impulsively and largely because of her resemblance to his beloved dead mother.


I mean that with RESPECT and admiration for his acting, which complimented beautifully the performances by Mila and Jane as they suffered under the whip.My DVD of Maleficarum arrived yesterday and I spent the evening watching this movie I had read so much about on Bring Out the GIMP. Your entire group is to be congratulated on an Excellent job on everything from the set design, the photography, the lighting, the costumes, the bondage rigging, the acting, and the beautiful naked ladies..



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