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This week's decision follows a review last year that explored new homes for Thunderbird at the Software Freedom Conservancy or the Document Foundation, the developers of Libre Office, as well as a third option to establish an independent Thunderbird Foundation.Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker in late 2015 flagged the organization's desire to "disentangle" Thunderbird's and Mozilla's shared infrastructure.


For now at least the Mozilla Foundation, parent of Firefox maker Mozilla Corporation, will be Thunderbird's "legal, fiscal and cultural home".

I searched on Mozilla’s help site, but if there was an answer there I couldn’t find it. There were a lot of folks complaining about this, but it was with browsers, not Thunderbird.

Several sites suggested adding Adblock Plus to Thunderbird, so I tried that, but I still got that blank page when I clicked a subject in a Thunderbird RSS feed.

I have been using Windows Live Mail for RSS and it works quite well. I read most of my mail in Microsoft Outlook and I prefer Outlook for email, but not RSS.


But WLM is old tech and may no longer be supported in the future. Thunderbird’s RSS feed is quite a bit different and took me a bit to get used to. one thing I would never get used to and just may a deal breaker.On some of the feeds when I clicked the subject to read the post, my browser would open to a blank screen with a one pixel only.


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