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The library is also where content can be exported to the Play Station 3's main menu to be stored with the rest of the user's video files.

While playing back the recorded content, users can pause, fast forward, rewind, skip to/from and turn subtitles and audio description on/off. Schedule: The find and record feature allows users to search the next 7 days worth of TV programmes by searching with a key word in the title of the programmes and/or the description of the programme.

You probably bought the Smart TV to watch live sports but all you get is a request to upgrade the Adobe Flash Player for Samsung Smart TV.

This frustrating experience is repeated every time you want to watch your favorite series or when the kids want to play online games on your new Smart Samsung TV.

Find and record also lets users set manual recordings using the channel, date and time that you wish to record.

Mobile TV with PSP: Wi-Fi connectivity with a Play Station Portable allows for portable viewing of live or recorded television programming.

Library: The Play TV Library is where all the recorded content is stored.

Guide (Electronic Program Guide): Play TV allows users to set recordings and change channel from the Guide; also selectable is a Favourites guide which is a list of a user's favourite programmes.

The Guide shows a full description of all programmes.

If your firmware is already up-to-date you will not receive this option.

The WD TV Live device will check the Root Directory of any attached USB devices, as well as the internet (if it detects it has access) for an update.The content can be viewed in a list view or in a thumbnail view.



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