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Yes, we are turning a year older and still growing strong.


Given the recent drawdowns in Afghanistan and other spots around the world, you may think that America has forgotten that right now, at the very moment you’re reading this, soldiers are continuing to sacrifice so much for the sake of freedom.

I’ve been where most of you are at…far from loved ones, working tremendously long hours to accomplish Herculean missions, often with little sleep, comforts, or even much thanks.

So first, on behalf of every American back home, let me give you my deepest and most heartfelt thanks.

I personally decided to “be adopted” during a very dark and difficult time during my deployment…and I can’t tell you the hope and encouragement I felt when I heard my name being called during mail call.

Think about those “sharing your foxhole” who could benefit from hearing their name called or to sink their teeth into a cookie made with love from those back home in the country they are fighting to defend. You are fighting for all of us back home and there are so many of us here eager to show you that you are supported. Sincerely, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Steve Osterholzer Happy Thanksgiving!You doubtlessly know of a brother or sister in arms that could use some support.


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